We received a ton of great submissions from our ad for a game artist. After meticulously reviewing them, we narrowed it down to four artists. We’ve decided to work with each artist to create an animated flag asset. This will allow us to get to know the artist, their process, their style and the overall cost of bringing an asset from concept to final product.

We made some progress this week on the automated server spawning. The service is actually spawning servers now. We plan to integrate the code that estimates the best server layout with the code that does the actual spawning this coming week.

Continued progress on the world joiner. Its initial iteration is nearly finished and it should be ready for a code review soon. The joiner matches players by their preferred (lower latency) servers.  A rank matching system is in development and matches players together who are closer in skill. Because this may take a long time to find an exact match, the joiner will slowly increase the skill gap needed to find players with similar rank. The intention is to quickly find players with a similar skill. The measurement to determine a player’s rank has not been determined, but will most likely be based on recent win percentage. Research into skill measurement systems like ELO, TrueSkill, and Glicko systems is also being considered. Work to integrate the joiner and server spawner will need to begin soon.

As we are fairly certain the client will be built using React components, we’ve begun exploring the FluxThis framework for the client.

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