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World Joiner Progress

We’ve made a lot of strides in the world joiner and I want to thank the moderators for taking time out of their evenings to help us do some organized testing over the past few months. Last night ylambda and I fixed some of the last major bugs. We are planning one more (hopefully) organized test with the moderators, and then moving on to a community beta test. Since ylambda is about to leave for a Europe trip (jealous), we’ll wait for him to return for the beta test.

Here is the soft plan for the beta test:

  • We are aiming for mid to late August to begin beta testing.
  • A new URL will be created for the beta. Using this URL will result in testing the world joiner.
  • Production TagPro will remain intact. So if the world joiner build isn’t working for you, you can still play TagPro without the new joiner by going to tagpro.gg
  • The beta will be tied to the production database, so your games will count while you are helping us test.
  • Helping us test the world joiner will result in flair!
  • Throughout the many days of testing the beta, it’s possible we will shut it down and turn it back on many times depending on how things are going.
  • Once we are completely comfortable with the quality of the joiner, we will roll it into production and tagpro.gg will become home page of TagPro.

Wait, what is the world joiner?

For those of you unaware of the world joiner: it’s a re-architecture of TagPro away from users selecting servers, to a single home page for TagPro that will pick game servers for you behind the scenes. This will automatically try to group you with players of similar pings and place you in the best geographically server as a whole. We hope this gets you playing closer to home and with better ping. Longer term, we’d have option to start grouping players by experience or some other metric. 

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Halloween Event Stats

TagPro players love the zombie mode. Of registered players, the average number of zombie games played was 31.4. The most games played by a single player was 434!

Of all players that completed at least one game of Zombies, the flair stats are:

Those with Candy Corn: 69.6%
Those with Bat: 37.4%
Those with Jack: 15.6%

Persistence Pays

Players with between 1 and 25 games
Those with Candy Corn: 52.5%
Those with Bat: 14.8%
Those with Jack: 3.1%

Players with between 26 and 50 games
Those with Candy Corn: 97.6%
Those with Bat: 59.9%
Those with Jack: 20%

Players with between 51 and 75 games
Those with Candy Corn: 100%
Those with Bat: 81.6%
Those with Jack: 37%

Players with 76+ games
Those with Candy Corn: 100%
Those with Bat: 96.2%
Those with Jack: 61.9%

Greedy (in a good way) Players. The most Jacks.

ToucanSam: 12
Zeeres: 11
Bowlarity: 9

We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! See you next year…

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Graphics Upgrade and Yellow Tiles

We rolled out two changes:

Pixi.js Upgrade

We’ve upgrade Pixi.js to its latest version, which is the WebGL graphics engine we use. This will provide greater stability and performance. It is possible this could break some addons or userscripts. We warned of this a few weeks ago and suggested authors update their code if needed. If you are suddenly having issues with TagPro and use TagPro addons, disable them to figure out which one needs updating and find a new version.

Yellow Speed Tiles

We previously posted about Yellow Speed Tiles coming to TagPro. This has been deployed. We’ve also upgraded all the maps, built-in texture packs and some of the common map editors. If you are suddenly missing tiles in-game, you are likely using a custom texture pack and will need to get an updated version from the author. Or switch to a built-in texture pack.

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Yellow Team Tiles Are Coming!

UPDATE: Yellow tiles are deployed. Enjoy!

In the coming days, we will turn on yellow team tiles. Yellow team tiles will give a speed boost to both teams. We are going to update all maps that used a checkered strategy to instead use yellow team tiles. We have updated all the built-in texture packs with a yellow team tile. This should just work for most players. However, if you are using a non-standard texture pack, you will need to update your own tiles.png with a yellow team tile or obtain a new file from the author.

We will also be updating the unfortunate-maps map editor with the ability to use yellow tiles. Any downstream forks of the map editor should merge in these changes ASAP. NewCompte has already made some Pull Request to popular forks with the change.

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Cannons, Debris and Shadows!

Sorry for the long delay since the last update. I plan on doing a better job. However we are posting smaller updates on the twitter and youtube account if you like to subscribe there.

One of the videos posted on the youtube account concerned a proof-of-concept slingshot/cannon mechanic. It generated a lot of buzz and discussion on reddit after it was posted. That’s a good thing!

I wanted to share the latest version of the cannon which has had some polish applied:

There is a two second penalty when you enter the cannon, during that time the cannon will animate a loading sequence. The player being loaded can’t move but can be tagged – so flag carriers going for cannons beware!

Once manned, the player has five seconds to fire or eject before the cannon shatters them. We’re not sure about this game mechanic. On one hand we’re worried about people camping in the cannon. On the other hand since you can pop them with TagPro – maybe its fine with no timer. Or maybe the timer should just fire you instead of shattering you? We’ll probably try it a lot of different ways once we start serious testing with maps made for it.

You’ll notice some other things in that video: Shadows are starting to appear and we’ve completely revamped the shatter animation. Shattered debris actually slides around and takes physics into account. Makes for some pretty dramatic tags. It still needs some polish and we’ll  allow users to turn it on/off and maybe even an option for old debris to fade away. Here is a fun video of me stress testing the debris.

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TagPro Next Status: Artist, Flags, Joiner and Engine

TagPro Next has an artist! We’re really excited to be moving forward with Sergey Basov as the artist for the new TagPro. Sergey is an experienced game artist who has worked on assets for Game of Bombs – A great web game that you should check out. Here Sergey’s first draft of the new flag and base for TagPro Next:

TagPro Next Flags

The first iteration of the new joiner is complete and code reviewed. It’s looking awesome and will really allow us some flexibility on how we join players to games. For example players will be able to specify if they’d like to play in casual games or stat games – and which game modes they’d like to participate in. There is still plenty to do on the joiner, but it’s coming along nicely.

A lot of progress has been made on the prototype game engine. So much so that it will likely become the foundation of the new engine. We’ll be putting some work into adding a UI that will let us easily adjust movement and physics settings, so we can find the perfect feel for TagPro Next. Here is a video of LuckySpammer playing around in it:

Just a reminder, we don’t post all blog update to /r/TagPro – just the most important ones. However we do post all updates to /r/Koalabeast.

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TagPro Next Status – 2015-05-10

Over the week we worked with three artist on a single asset: the flag. It’s going really well and it’s a lot of fun watching the artists go from concept to polished asset. By next week, we should have the TagPro Next artist selected!

The author of another web game approached us over working together going forward. Not necessarily directly on each other’s products, but in more of a partnership. It’s likely the two teams will meet soon to discuss further.

We are developing a scaled-down prototype engine for experimenting the new “feel” of TagPro. It will allow us to easily test things like friction, acceleration, max speeds, boosts, ect. It’s also testing the normalized movement – being that moving diagonally will no longer allow you to move faster. It’s possible in the future we will produce a build of the prototype with the values we decide on for community feedback.

AMorpork plans to produce a blog entry the coming week on our inter-process communication layer for TagPro Next: Intercom. It’s fairly unique and a piece we plan on open sourcing.

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