We’ve made a lot of strides in the world joiner and I want to thank the moderators for taking time out of their evenings to help us do some organized testing over the past few months. Last night ylambda and I fixed some of the last major bugs. We are planning one more (hopefully) organized test with the moderators, and then moving on to a community beta test. Since ylambda is about to leave for a Europe trip (jealous), we’ll wait for him to return for the beta test.

Here is the soft plan for the beta test:

  • We are aiming for mid to late August to begin beta testing.
  • A new URL will be created for the beta. Using this URL will result in testing the world joiner.
  • Production TagPro will remain intact. So if the world joiner build isn’t working for you, you can still play TagPro without the new joiner by going to tagpro.gg
  • The beta will be tied to the production database, so your games will count while you are helping us test.
  • Helping us test the world joiner will result in flair!
  • Throughout the many days of testing the beta, it’s possible we will shut it down and turn it back on many times depending on how things are going.
  • Once we are completely comfortable with the quality of the joiner, we will roll it into production and tagpro.gg will become home page of TagPro.

Wait, what is the world joiner?

For those of you unaware of the world joiner: it’s a re-architecture of TagPro away from users selecting servers, to a single home page for TagPro that will pick game servers for you behind the scenes. This will automatically try to group you with players of similar pings and place you in the best geographically server as a whole. We hope this gets you playing closer to home and with better ping. Longer term, we’d have option to start grouping players by experience or some other metric. 

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